Dummy Demo Steers Pupils Away From Knife Crime

Dummy Steers Pupils Away From Knife Crime

“Only dummies carry knives” that’s the message youngsters from a Birmingham school heard during an innovative West  Midlands Police presentation using a lifelike mannequin to illustrate the dangers. Year 9 students from Colmers School in  Rednal were introduced to star of the show ‘Stan’ a realistic dummy which has a heartbeat and can breathe, talk, […]

May 2012 news

Over the Easter Bank Holiday period, there have been a number of burglaries committed across the Birmingham South area. Geographically speaking, there is no particular pattern to the offences. However, a good number of the offences were committed at the rear of the property, often using force to break in through windows or doors. Of […]

The Kickz football project


Police in South Birmingham are urging local youngsters to show boredom the red card and join them for some top quality football coaching. In partnership with Kickz football project, the football coaching scheme is looking set to expand in the Northfield constituency and  officers want to see more local youngsters get involved. Attendees to the […]